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Publishing Rules In The Journal

    The Editorial Board of the Journal of International Economy and Globalization is pleased to receive research in field of Business, Management and Accounting Economics, Econometrics and Finance in Arabic, English and French, where these articles undergo to the opinion of specialists from various universities, and all conditions of the recognized scientific journals are applied accordingly, the Board considers that the research submitted should meet the following conditions:

1) the research papers match the methodological assets common to scientific research

2) The number of pages a whole article should not be less than on 13 pages and no more than 20 pages,

3) The Research accompanied by Abstract in the range of 150 words in a Research language , and a another abstract using a language other than the language of  Research, As well as keywords

4) Researches are required to be written with (Microsoft Office 2003) according to the following rules :

* respect indentparagraphs: 1;

* Line Spacing: 1;

* For words or terms in a foreign language, write in Times New Roman, size 14.

5) To ensure respect for the formal rules above, as well as respect for the size of the margins, can be used template, which fits the language of the article.

6) The articles submitted required to be recent and have never offered in any other scientific destination.

7) The researcher is committed to carry out all the amendments requested by him, within the deadlines set by the editorial board.