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Instructions to authors

1.Submit articles:

    We invite authors interested in publishing their articles on “International Economics and Globalization” to see instructions for authors and a guide for authors available on the magazine’s website:


     The authors are invited to submit their research papers via the magazine’s website or its e-mail in word format. This can be done by clicking on the icon. Submit an article on the magazine’s website:


2.Guidelines for Author:

  • We invite the authors to carefully read and follow these recommendations;
  • The editor-in-chief has the right to return research papers that have not been submitted in accordance with these recommendations.

3.Article evaluation process:

1.3.First step:

      The article is examined confidentially at the level of the editorial board, which meets regularly and interferes with the pre-evaluation stage, where it submits a decision on the eligibility of the articles before sending them to the reviewers, and if the decision is negative, the article will be rejected on the platform with the article’s author informed of the refusal. The author can resubmit it taking into account the recommendations made.

2.3. The second step:

     In the event that the article is eligible for evaluation (prepared according to the journal template and in accordance with the terms of publication), it will be sent in encrypted condition to the deputy editor-in-chief, who will in turn submit it to two auditors in his network. Reviewers will be responsible for arbitrating the research paper according to a standard evaluation form available on the journal’s website compulsively.

Note: Associated Deputy Editor can also rate the article if desired. The journal secretariat provides the interface between the article authors and the deputy editor-in-chief.

4.Article evaluation period:

      An evaluation period of 30 days is granted, but reviewers take an average of two months to send evaluation results to the journal secretariat.

5.Status of article evaluation:

   When a draft article receives a positive and negative opinion, a third evaluation is required from another reviewer, taking into account its origin, nationally or foreignly.

6.Preparing the article:

    To expedite the publication of articles in “The Journal of International Economics and Globalization”, we invite authors to use the magazine template. A template is available for authors to include their articles.

    Authors can download the template from the magazine’s website, where they can access this space by visiting:


7.See the author guide file:

      “Author’s Guide” is a guide for the author of the article explaining how to submit the article. It also includes the copyright of the magazine, the responsibility of the publisher and arbitrator, and the ethics of scientific publishing, in addition to the rules and conditions for publication in the magazine.

8.Submit the article:

     After preparing the article according to the template of the downloaded magazine, and looking at the author’s guide, clicking on the “Submit Article” icon.

    After filling in all the information and uploading the article file to the site, click on the icon: “Submit an article” on the site or send the article via e-mail to the magazine.

9.Notice of receipt of an article:

     If the article submission process is successful, the author sent on his personal email will receive a notification of submitting an article, and a notification for the second author on his email to confirm his participation in the article.

10.Notice of article rejection:

     If it appears that the article does not respect the journal template and publication conditions, the author will be notified of the article rejection.

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