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Refereed scientific journals are considered one of the most effective channels for scientific communication between researchers and scholars, given the interest they receive among researchers, as they are an important information source for disseminating scientific production for specialized research, as well as their ability to absorb modern information and keep pace with the rapid development in various research fields.

There is no doubt that the scientific scientific journals have witnessed in recent years major transformations at the level of standards, arbitration procedures and competition in the service of knowledge. From this standpoint, the International Economy and Globalization Magazine was issued as a magazine that aims to be of a level that most readers and publishers in Arab countries and others can understand. They can follow and digest what is published.

It will not be limited to scientific research related to the specialization of international economic relations only, but the magazine will publish research papers related to economic sciences and management sciences and commercial sciences, and the thing that the magazine will try to devote is scientific honesty, and avoiding bishops and everything in publishing is harmful to researchers, and will be God willing, an economic and cultural magazine concerned with supporting scientific research inside and outside Algeria, this is its plan and that is its goal.

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